Product Warranty

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Product Warranty

Shipping Terms & Conditions



As the customer, you are responsible for any taxes, VAT or customs fees that your country charges for your purchase.



Order Status Explanations


Pending - You have an order on your account and have input the address and your order information; your payment has not been recieved or your e-check is still in clearing.

Processed -   we confirme your order within our paypal account or our webcart, it has been invoiced and is waiting to be packed and shipped.  At this point your order could be waiting for us to recieve products that are sold out, rest assured your order is invoiced and only waiting to be packed and shipped.

Shipped - Your order has been cleared through our system, products have been packed and your order is now in the hands of your postal system. 


      You (the customer) understands that Blight Wheel Miniatures will not be held responsible for the following:

1) Any injury or damage sustained in the use of the products you are purchasing

2) Any loss of products due to the international delivery of said product caused by postal delivery companies or your countries specific customs department. (for shipping without tracking and insurrance)

2) Payment of any customs/VATS/taxes that your country charges.

Blight Wheel Miniatures will replace products that are damaged during the creation process free of charge as well as errors caused by mispacking orders (such as wrong components or missing products),  any other damages such as those caused in the assembling of the products, change of function or modification will be the sole responsibility of the customer. (read shipping damage procedure to know the delay term and replacement)


SHIPPING DAMAGE If a part is broken in shipping, it must be brought to our attention within five (5) days of the date of purchase or five (5) days from the date you received the item. You will be required to send us the defective part before we can send a replacement. You will also be required to provide proof of purchase, see items 1 and 2 below.

1) The name of the buyer/PayPal account is required form web purchases

2) Dated receipt with retailers name is required for purchases from retailer

We will ship replacement part the most economical way possible and you should receive the replacement within 5-12 working days inside the CEE or 10-17 working days outside the CEE.